School Feeding Data Tracker

Bamidele Clement OKE
Bamidele Clement OKE

January 29, 2022

School Feeding Data Tracker

The Ogun State Home Grown School Feeding Programme team needed to hold the key stakeholders accountable for the delivery of their responsibilities to the agency and public. They needed a solution that would help actors to report on daily school feeding, and as well afford the officials an operational view/summary of the activity, track progress, and measure performance.

ArcGIS Survey 123 Connect was used to configure the survey due to the required level of functionality by the client’s specification. The survey included interactive filtering functionality which is not available on the Web Designer.

A configuration of ArcGIS WebMap and dashboard using the data from the school feeding reporter above to visualize the data in near-real-time was also done. The dashboard was configuring using various additional techniques such as HTML, and ArcGIS Arcade Data Expressions.

The dashboard is the front-facing side of the project and was configured to work both on desktop and mobile devices. Currently, the solution is deployed in 341 schools across 4 Local Government Areas in Ogun State and will soon be upscaled to cover the remaining 16 LGAs.


Tools used

ArcGIS DashboardsArcGIS Hub and Experience BuilderArcGIS OnlineArcGIS Survey123 Connect

Plug-ins used

ArcGIS Arcade


DashboardsData VisualizationMonitoring and Evaluation

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