Land Use Mix Of Woodstock Municipality.

Sunder Gurung
Sunder Gurung

June 25, 2024

Land Use Mix Of Woodstock Municipality.


This project involved creating a detailed land use mix map for the urban municipality of Woodstock using ArcGIS Pro.

Key tasks included:

  • Data Preparation: Integrated multiple feature classes into a geodatabase and defined projections for accuracy.

  • Geographic Transformation: Converted coordinates to NAD 1989 UTM Zone 17N.

  • Land Use Analysis: Created a zoning map, clipped features to respective zones, and applied unique symbology for clear visualization.

  • Land Use Mix Calculation: Used the entropy equation to determine the diversity of land use categories, resulting in a moderate level of land use diversity.

Skills Gained:

  • Proficiency in ArcGIS Pro and geographic transformation techniques.

  • Ability to analyze and visualize land use patterns.

  • Effective map design and data summarization skills.

This project highlighted the importance of accurate map projections and effective design in urban planning.

Plug-ins used

ColorBrewerNADCON Transformation Tool,


ArcGIS ProSpatial Analysis

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