Share of PDP Seats in State Assemblies

Alec Soltes
Alec Soltes

June 17, 2023

Share of PDP Seats in State Assemblies

Summary: A basic, quick to produce map showcasing some basic QGIS functions in making simple political maps for personal use.


-Downloaded shapefiles corresponding to state and Federal Capital Territories in NIgeria

-Calculated proportion of seats held by People's Democratic Party in the assemblies in Excel Online

-Digitized boundaries on new layer and add state Name and Percentage of seats belonging to the PDP

-Categorized each state's PDP assembly seat share by shades of green

-Create map with key and scale via New Print Layout and saved as PDF.


The People's Democratic Party (PDP) is one of the two major political parties in the Nigerian political landscape. Nominally considered a center-right party, the party's main support stems from the southern states. This map reflects this north-south divide between supporters of the PDP and supporters of other parties holding seats in the state legislatures.

Because Nigeria does not use proportional representation at the federal or state level, the share of seats in a state legislature does not match the electorate's strength as a whole. This is effectively how some states have every single seat occupied by a PDP parliamentarian while some have exactly zero.

Data was collected from the corresponding Wikipedia article on Nigerian state assemblies. Because of the 2023 elections in Nigeria that elected most of the assemblies, the data used here is likely highly outdated.

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