Spatialnode Release: Article series, improved search and more

Spatialnode Release: Article series, improved search and more

Introducing Article series, Medium imports, RSS feeds, improved search...

August 22, 20236 min read

Article series

After the launch of Spatialnode Articles, we have received feedback from our users about the profound impact the feature has had on them. Readers have been able to delve into a multitude of insightful articles on various topics, expanding their knowledge and understanding. Moreover, writers on our platform have witnessed substantial growth in their audience and have honed their skills in effectively communicating geospatial insights. In our endeavor to enhance this feature, we are excited to introduce the new 'Articles Series', aimed at further enriching the user experience.

Imagine the power of delving deeper into a topic of interest through a series of articles. While blogs and individual articles can be informative, they often fall short of fully capturing the writer's intent within a single post. Additionally, it's crucial to keep blogs concise to maintain readers' engagement and prevent boredom. That's why we're excited to introduce the concept of article series, which allows us to explore subjects in greater detail while still keeping each piece of content concise and engaging. By offering a series of articles, we can provide a comprehensive and captivating reading experience that leaves readers craving more knowledge.

With the introduction of the article series feature, we are thrilled to offer writers and readers in the geospatial industry a powerful tool. This update empowers users to explore a specific topic or theme through a collection of interconnected articles. By organizing articles into series, we enhance the consistency of thoughts and views, enabling readers to easily follow and engage with a particular subject. Our dedicated team of engineers has meticulously crafted this update with a focus on accessibility and user-friendly functionality, ensuring an incredible experience on our platform. Prepare to embark on a seamless journey of knowledge and exploration like never before.

How does Spatialnode Articles Series work?

Once you visit Spatialnode, navigate to your dashboard. There, you will see details about your projects, articles, and other details. Navigate to the articles page, where you can now create series 

You can create a series outrightly. However, a series requires a cover page, which can be graphics representing the articles you have in the series. 

What do you stand to gain from this new release?

Spatialnode Article series brings to the fore an enhanced journalling and documentation experience in the geospatial community. As a dedicated writer in the industry, Article series enables:

  • Enhanced Organization of articles: The series feature makes articles easy and accessible to read, through a unification of topics and themes. It provides a structured and organized presentation of content for readers to explore specific subject matters more comprehensively

  • Increased and improved Engagements: The presentation of articles in a structured series, encourages readers to delve deeper into specific topics, increasing engagement respectively. It encourages and promotes continuity and encourages readers of your articles to explore multiple articles from you.

  • Improved SEO and search visibility:  By organizing related articles into a series, you enhance the internal linking structure of your blog. This helps search engines better understand the interconnectedness of your content and improves the overall SEO of your blogs. As a result, your blog posts may achieve higher search engine rankings, leading to increased organic traffic.

  • Authority and Expertise Establishment: Presenting content in a series format allows you to demonstrate your expertise and authority on a specific topic. By providing comprehensive and interconnected articles, you showcase your in-depth knowledge, gaining the trust and respect of your readers. This can lead to increased credibility and a loyal following.

Check an example of an article series we have created here

Improved Search Experience

We are also excited to announce significant improvements and upgrades to our search algorithm. We understand that many users have faced some challenges when searching for projects, articles, jobs, or individuals on our platform in the past, in response, our team has invested quality time and effort to deliver a truly exceptional search experience.

Through rigorous development and testing, we have fine-tuned our search algorithm to ensure it meets the highest standards. We have a central goal, to ensure searching for anything (including(projects, articles, jobs, and people) on the platform is effortless and effective for every user. 

We are committed to continually refining and optimizing our search capabilities to ensure a seamless and satisfying user experience.

Import your medium articles to Spatialnode - Bulk import

We are aware of the possibility of having your articles on several other writing platforms such as Medium. To harmonize your geospatial articles and publish on spatialnode, we have made necessary updates on our platform to enable this. With articles import, you can import zipped medium files directly on Spatialnode. 

Our platform has undergone essential enhancement to effortlessly synchronize your geospatial articles and facilitate their publication on SpatialNode.

Image Zooming

Maps and images uploaded as projects are central to the value we propose at Spatialnode. With this update, you can now zoom into maps to uncover finer details within the projects showcased on our platform. This feature empowers you to dive deeper into the geographical information presented, allowing for a more immersive and informative experience.

Rest assured, while we enable zoom functionality, we remain committed to preserving the integrity and quality of the images you upload. We have worked diligently to ensure that your images remain untouched and pristine, maintaining their original clarity and visual appeal. We understand the importance of maintaining the fidelity of your uploaded content and have taken every measure to safeguard its quality.

RSS Feeds

We are thrilled to announce the integration of RSS feeds into our articles feature at Spatialnode. We understand that many users have expressed a desire for an effortless way to stay updated on the latest content published on our platform. In response to this feedback, we have introduced RSS feeds, providing a simple and automated solution for content syndication.

Now, users can easily subscribe to their preferred blogs and receive automatic updates whenever new articles are published by their favorite writers. This means that, as an avid reader of our platform, you no longer need to visit the website daily in search of the latest updates. Instead, you can conveniently stay informed and up-to-date by subscribing to the RSS feeds that interest you the most.

For writers like you, this update brings increased ease and convenience to your audience. Your readers can effortlessly stay informed and engaged with the most recent articles you have pushed to the platform. By subscribing to your RSS feed, they will receive timely notifications and never miss out on your valuable insights.

We believe that this integration of RSS feeds will revolutionize the way you consume and share content on Spatialnode. It empowers both readers and writers to foster a dynamic and interactive community, where knowledge flows seamlessly and connections thrive. Say goodbye to the need for constant manual checks and embrace the efficiency of automatic updates through our RSS feeds.

The introduction of RSS feeds enhances accessibility to your blogs i.e. with time, users who are not on Spatialnode can now easily read your articles. For writers who intend to grow their audience of readers, this is right in place for you.

To you as a reader, you can easily customize your favorite content with the help of this new update. You can choose blogs related to specific content themes and topics you love.

Read more on RSS feeds here


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Spatialnode Release: Article series, improved search and more

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