Spatialnode Updates: Fresh New Look, Certifications, Work Experience and lots more🎉🎉🎉

Spatialnode Updates: Fresh New Look, Certifications, Work Experience and lots more🎉🎉🎉

August 22, 20232 min read

Spatialnode Updates: Fresh New Look, Certifications, Work Experience and lots more🎉🎉🎉

Spatialnode New Feature Release

More than a platform to upload your project, we’ve made some upgrades behind the scenes that will give you a smoother experience. We’re excited to reveal some Spatialnode UI improvements and features we think you’ll like. These improvements were inspired by the feedbacks we received from the community in the last survey. Our team is always working to improve your Spatialnode experience, and we hope you like our latest update.

  • New Portfolio Outlook: We have improved the design and layout of your portfolio because your profile being the first point of contact between you and other professionals or recruiters, should be appealing. See how it looks here.
  • Certifications: From certifications from academic institutions to bootcamps, workshops, conferences and training, you can now put them out there. You’ve got a GISP? Completed an Esri MOOC? Attended a training? They are all important and necessary to showcase as a geospatial professional. You can now add your certifications to your profile in seconds, thereby strengthening your portfolio.
  • Work Experience : What if I don’t have a project to showcase? This was a response we received from the last survey. With the new update on our platform, you can now add your work experience to your profile, be as dynamic and descriptive as possible. Your chances of connecting with your next employer is increased, when they see your work experience.
  • Project Analytics: How are your projects doing? You can now check your project reach, appreciations received, project views right on your dashboard.
  • Filter Tags: This new Spatialnode feature has a streamlined structure that enables you to narrow your search to exactly the type of project you are on the lookout for. The categories include but are not limited to, 3D map, Art, Blender, Google Earth Engine (GEE) etc. These tags will show you related projects related to avoid the daunting process of having to search for the project type you want. We know how time consuming it can be when searching through projects, that is why we have rolled out features that effectively group projects into categories by tags.
  • Share Portfolio with a QR code: Apart from you sharing your portfolio with people on your social media page using your unique link, you can now also share your portfolio using a QR code. You download the QR code and share to any channel. The QR code can be scanned quickly to connect with your portfolio with ease. Feel free to download and include in your CVs/Resumes, maps , business cards, anywhere really.

Have any feedback regarding the new feature announced? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Thank you!

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Spatialnode Updates: Fresh New Look, Certifications, Work Experience and lots more🎉🎉🎉

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