Road Network - Accra

Obed Asare Amuzu
Obed Asare Amuzu

August 08, 2023

Road Network - Accra

This is a road network map of Accra, Ghana, using data from OpenStreetMap (OSM). The map can be used to make urban planning decisions based on road classes and the network cluster. I ensured accuracy by comparing OSM data with Google Satellite Imagery. This is just a portion of the entire road network in Ghana. The major challenge of this work is the manual corrections made to inaccurate data and the unavailability of clear current satellite imagery. The escape from that was to download satellite imagery from USGS Earth Explorer or save a screenshot of Google Earth Pro, georeference, and then digitise. In all of these solutions, if there wasn't clear data, we would have to rely on field surveys to get the data.

Tools used

Google Earth ProGoogle Map OSMQGISUSGS Earth Explorer

Plug-ins used



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