Landuse Landcover Map of LOKOJA

Enoch Oluwaferanmi Babayemi
Enoch Oluwaferanmi Babayemi

January 30, 2023

Landuse Landcover Map of LOKOJA

  1. Data acquisition: Obtain satellite imagery or aerial photographs of Lokoja from USGS.

  2. Pre-processing: Prepare the satellite imagery  for analysis by removing atmospheric and radiometric distortions, and mosaicking all the images involved.

  3. Classification: Use image analysis tools in ArcGIS software to classify the imagery into different land use/land cover classes. This process involves creating training areas, where I assigns pixels to different land use/land cover classes, and using these training areas to classify the entire image.

  4. Validation: Validate the classification by comparing it to Google Earth Pro.

  5. Visualization: Create maps and figures to visualize the land use/land cover of Lokoja. This includes the different landcover classes and the extent of the area occupied.

Tools used

ArcGISGoogle Earth Pro

Plug-ins used




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