YellowStone Lakes - A Story Map

Emmanuel Jolaiya Ayodele
Emmanuel Jolaiya Ayodele

October 04, 2023

This StoryMap was created while taking the "Telling Stories with GIS Maps" course on Esri Academy.

Key Takeaways

  • How to craft a compelling story using the story creation workflow which includes:

    1. Envision: What is the purpose of the story? Who is the target audience?

    2. Create content inventory: Curating narrative texts and multimedia. Making decision on the flow of the StoryMap.

    3. Craft your story: Authoring the story using the story builder.

    4. Refine and simplify: Giving a second-check to the story. Crossing the is and dotting the ts. Correcting typos where necessary.

    5. Publish: Publish a draft of the story.

    6. Test and review: Testing all the functionality of the story across different devices such as mobile devices, desktop devices, browsers and tablets.

    7. Share and Promote: Promote on social media to receive feedbacks.(This is why I am showcasing it here :)).

    8. Repeat: Incorporate any feedback and suggestions received and repeat the whole process.

  • How to embed Express Map within a StoryMap.

Tools used

ArcGIS Story Maps

Plug-ins used




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