COVID19 Dashboard Fairfax VA

Bryan Smalley
Bryan Smalley

July 05, 2023

COVID19 Dashboard Fairfax VA

Created a COVID-19 diagram system architecture component and defined risks data schema. Addressed data accuracy and privacy issues. Setup a questionnaire tree. Designed a survey. Built a COVID-19 Hotline Calling System Dashboard using Esri's Dashboard platform. The dashboard monitors responses of patients experiencing or not experiencing symptoms as well as other unique data points. There is a 24/7 uptime workflow. The dashboard contains sample data of Fairfax City residents.

Tools used

ArcGIS DashboardsArcGIS OnlineArcGIS ProArcGIS Survey123 Connect

Plug-ins used



ArcGISArcGIS OnlineArcGIS ProCOVID-19Dashboards

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