Invest in Your Geospatial Career. Go Pro


September 19, 2022

Invest in Your Geospatial Career. Go Pro
Invest in Your Geospatial Career. Go Pro
Invest in Your Geospatial Career. Go Pro

There is no limit to career growth, as the world is evolving every day, and to stay relevant one has to keep up with the pace. The Geospatial field is not an exception, it is versatile and driven by technological changes and advancements. Getting ready for the opportunities available in this field, as a Geospatial enthusiast/professional requires a deliberate effort of growth. 

Also, recruiters are sometimes faced with skepticism and the daunting processes of conducting tests and interviews so as to employ the best-fit talents/professionals for their geospatial projects.

Having recognized the need to bridge the gap between recruiters and GIS talents, Spatialnode introduced some features (pro features). The aim of this is to create opportunities for everyone in the geospatial space.

Spatialnode Pro Features 

Spatialnode pro comes with features designed to accelerate your geospatial career to the next level. These features include;

  • 'Hire me' Feature
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Up-to-date Portfolio
  • Enhanced Profile (Pro Badge)
  • Up to 6 Images per project
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Unlimited Links

'Hire me' Feature: Since Spatialnode is building a platform where Geospatial professionals and enthusiasts can explore and access great values in the geospatial industry. One of the enthralling features you will access on the pro version is the ‘Hire me’ feature. Recruiters get to reach you through the ‘Hire me’ icon for job opportunities that suit your skill-sets, while you confirm your availability for the job/project. This enables you to get hired for geospatial jobs, projects, and other opportunities worldwide. 

Portfolio Analytics: We build Spatialnode with world-class technologies that increase your Portfolio SEO and ranking. Your portfolio engagements could be a drive for you to do more. 

Up-to-date Portfolio: Spend more time working on your geospatial projects, and less time updating your portfolio. Your unique URL; ‘’ makes your portfolio memorable. 

Enhanced Profile (Pro Badge): After a successful subscription to Spatialnode pro, you have the pro badge attached to your profile that indicates that you are a pro user. This can be advantageous to job seekers as it could create an impression to recruiters of how committed you could be to your professional growth. 

Up to 6 Images per project: Unlike the Spatialnode basic which limits you to one image per project, with Spatialnode pro, you can add up to 6 images in one project. This gives you the opportunity to express and communicate your project effectively. 

Unlimited Projects: Upload unlimited projects to your portfolio, with Spatialnode pro. There are no restrictions or limitations to the number of projects you can upload, as long as your subscription to the pro feature is still active. 

Google Analytics Integration: Visualize your Portfolio traffics on your dashboard and Integrate Google Analytics easily for more analytics.

Unlimited Links: With the Links feature, you can embed all your favorite resources (ESRI StoryMaps, Felt maps, articles, publications, YouTube videos, etc) on your Portfolio. You will also have access to the number of clicks on each link.

Why Subscribe to Spatialnode Pro?

As a geospatial talent: You have availed yourself the opportunity to be hired from every part of the world, and on varying exciting projects that match your capability.

Opportunity to do more: Add up to 6 images to one project, enjoy unlimited project postings, and access endless opportunities with Spatialnode pro. 

World-class access; Reach and connect with geospatial professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. With this, you stand a better chance to access more credible job and project opportunities on a broader range. 

Upgrading from Spatialnode to Spatialnode Pro

Upgrading to Spatialnode pro is easier than expected.To upgrade your Spatialnode account to the Pro version, follow these steps

  1. Click on the ‘Go Pro’ icon on your dashboard 
  2. It takes you to the Spatialnode pro dashboard where you have information about the pro version. Scroll down to ‘Spatialnode pro’ and click on “get started”
  3. Now you are on the ‘Plan Upgrade’ dashboard. Scroll to ‘Spatialnode pro’ and click Upgrade Now  
  4. You have a pop-up, ‘Upgrade to Spatialnode Pro’ with the information about the payment platform. Click ‘Continue’
  5. Click on the payment option of your choice, input your details where required, and click ‘pay’. 
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to Spatialnode Pro. 

At Spatialnode, we are keen to stimulate the growth of Geospatial professionals and enthusiasts, without bias. We assure you to expect more as it can only get better.

To learn more about Spatialnode and how you can maximize the platform for your personal and career development, please visit our blog:, Link to the demo:, and assess us on Spatialnode here;

We can’t wait to see you go pro, enjoy!


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