December 01, 2022


Spatialnode is a community built for the growth and development of Geospatial people (professionals and enthusiasts). Having the Geospatial people build a well-structured geospatial portfolio to enable them to keep a track of their achievements, and also project them for opportunities in the geospatial industry is our mission. Over time we have made a lot of improvements to the platform, including great features like links, and Spatialnode Pro, all for the satisfaction of our users, and this time, we are excited to share with you our latest feature — Spatialnode Jobs🥳🥳🥳!

Why Spatialnode Jobs?

With Spatialnode jobs, Geospatial professionals can now seamlessly access verified and credible job openings across the world, with a filter feature (includes: visa sponsorship, country, compensation, job type, and job locations filters) to enable them to narrow their search quickly and a mapview 🌎to navigate geospatial jobs spatially. Organizations can have their Geospatial job openings channeled towards the right audience and best-fit individuals by posting them on Spatialnode Jobs and can subsequently evaluate the applicants based on their portfolios on Spatialnode.

For Geospatial Professionals

The availability of numerous job boards and platforms poses a serious problem for professionals while job hunting most especially in the geospatial industry. The average geospatial professional spends lots of time searching for the dream job on several mainstream job sites, filtering out different job postings to match the exact skillset needed for geospatial tasks. Spatialnode has therefore embedded a "Job Board" within the platform, to effectively solve this problem. Regarded by many as a top community, for professionals to get inspired, learn, and connect with others in the geospatial industry, spatialnode has grown to be the nucleus and meeting point of a growing community of thousands of professionals.

. To increase your chances of opportunity with Spatialnode Jobs, here are a few tips to consider;

  • Build a well-structured portfolio: Having something to show for your proficiency in a particular field, like projects you have worked on and other professional activities can increase your chances of landing your dream job over other applicants. Most times, a CV is not enough to convince an employer of how skilled you are, or enable them to entrust you with the role or project. With Spatialnode, as a Geospatial professional, you can now build a well-structured portfolio for free with our automated process, and even generate a unique link you could add to your Resume/CV or social media platforms. In case you need aid on how to build a great portfolio on Spatialnode, you can read through this blog post on Spatialnode.

  • Having a Resume that works: When companies post job openings, they receive tons of applications and somehow they filter out 99% of the applications and reach out to the 1%. Seeing that your resume is the first point of contact, differentiates you from other applicants. Preparing a resume should be done as perfectly as possible. Firstly, a resume is a summary of your work experience, employers are looking for “what you did in your previous career, why you did it and how you did it. Compressing this amount of information into one or two pages can be difficult for someone with loads of experience. However, it is important that you compress this information and present it as effectively as possible, imagining that the prospective hiring manager spends just 10 or 15 seconds scanning through it. For newbies with no job experience, structuring your resume showcasing your personal projects, public projects you contributed to, and certifications is the most effective approach. Adding a link to your portfolio, GitHub profile, etc can be the difference between you and the other 99% percent of the remaining applicants.

  • Research and Acquire Supplemental and complementary skills valuable to your career: Supplemental skills are added skills you acquire to improve the efficiency and quality of the result you produce in your career. For instance, as a Geospatial Analyst, graphics design can be supplemental to your GIS skills. Complementary skills are independent skills that create more value when used together, for instance, a data science skill could be complementary to a GIS skill. On your Spatialnode portfolio, you can add these skills easily in a few clicks.

  • Apply for Jobs that match your skill set: Every job has its own requirements and responsibilities. Read through the job requirements before applying to avoid a futile effort of application. There’s a 99% probability that when you do not have the core skills and qualifications required for a job, you won’t get it. Applying for jobs that match your core skills gives you a higher chance of getting the jobs. This is why on Spatialnode jobs, we provide the necessary job requirements, salary range, visa sponsorship, job type, and lots more to support your job search.

For Organizations

Posting jobs on platforms that are not domain-specific can result in receiving applications from the wrong audience, and reviewing these applications can be tasking, and resources demanding. Spatialnode Jobs is solving this by providing Organizations seeking to hire a Geospatial professional, a platform to post their job openings. Automatically, posting a job on Spatialnode means that your opening is reaching the right audience of over 1000 geospatial professionals around the world. Apart from your job listed on the job feed, it would also be sent to some active users with verifiable skillsets and projects on their portfolios. Receiving applications from these professionals will save time and resources and provide you an additional insight— into their portfolio, for you to see what they have done, and not what they say they are capable of on their resume, resulting in quality and great hires.

To post job openings on Spatialnode as an organization, you need to upgrade to Spatialnode Pro+($25/ month), then create an organization account on your dashboard to publish unlimited Job openings and opportunities.

At Spatialnode, we are committed to building a powerful set of tools to elevate your career growth in the geospatial industry. Visit Spatialnode Jobs to find your next best opportunity.


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