Movie Map - The Hand of God (ITA)

Federica Gaspari
Federica Gaspari

February 15, 2022

Movie Map - The Hand of God (ITA)

This project is part of a step by step learning experience focused on the use of web mapping tools for cinephile interactive storytelling. In particular, this map was realized as part of a collaboration with IlTermopolio, a Pisa-based multicultural blog and association.


The locations of the 2021 Paolo Sorrentino's movie È stata la mano di Dio (The Hand of God) were identified through holiday memories, friends based in the sorrounding areas, local magazines and director promotional interviews. Then, each place's coordinates have been retrieved with a geocoding procedure with the help of OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia and QGIS.

The obtained set of coordinates were then used as input for the predefined Mapbox GL JS "scrollytelling" solution with slight edits on HTML and CSS codes.

The resulting web map was shared online using Github Pages.

Inspirations and useful links

This first low-code experiment with Mapbox tools derives from previous experiences in creating similar maps with UMap that raised the need of a more flexible solution for storytelling and descriptions.

In the initial design phase, the following resources were very helpful in both understanding the Mapbox environment and customization of its components:

Feel free to contact me through the profile links if you'd like to know more about the process of making this map!


Tools used

Github PagesMapboxOpenStreetMapQGISWikipedia

Plug-ins used



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