Spatiotemporal trend of SUHI in Ondo

Esther Ayomide Adeniji
Esther Ayomide Adeniji

December 24, 2022

Spatiotemporal trend of SUHI in Ondo

Sourcing for Landsat data

Preprocessing of Landsat images: Radiometric correction, Mosaicking, Gapfilling, Clip

Conversion of Landsat image digital number to Top of Atmosphere Radiance(TOA)

Conversion of TOA to Top of Atmosphere Brightness (BT)

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Land Surface Emissivity (LSE)

Generation of Land Surface Temperature (LST)

Normalising the LST

Map Embellishment

Tools used

ArcMapENVIQGISUSGS Earth Explorer

Plug-ins used

Data ManagementGeoprocessing ToolsLayoutNDVIraster calculator


Climate ChangesLand surface temperatureNDVI Nigeria

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