Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid
Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid
Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid
Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid
Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid
Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid
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Strategic Hotel Site Selection in Madrid

This project showcases the power of geospatial analytics and highlights how strategic hotel site selection in Madrid can be optimized in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

In the span of just one week, a dynamic and intensive project came to life as part of a technical interview with CARTO. This project serves as a testament to the capabilities of cloud-native applications and showcases the potential of harnessing geospatial analytics for strategic decision-making. We present a concise summary of the in-depth project report and interactive demo presentation, both of which provide a comprehensive exploration of our journey through the world of geospatial data analysis.

For a detailed dive into our methodology, strategies, and the wealth of insights unearthed during this project, I invite you to explore the complete Project Report. To experience the interactive visualizations and results first-hand (please note that the interactive maps in Slides work optimally in Firefox), please navigate to the Demo Presentation.

1. Introduction and Context

NH Hotel Group, a renowned hotel chain based in Madrid, aims to address the growing demand for cultural tourism. The target demographic is mid-high income individuals aged 40-69, drawn to Madrid's cultural heritage, performing arts, and gastronomy. NH Hotels Group's objective is to offer luxury accommodations imbued with local culture, strategically situated within walking distance of attractions. Embracing sustainability and selecting eco-friendly locations near tourist points of interest allows NH Hotels Group to provide an exceptional guest experience while minimizing environmental impact.

2. Tangible Insights: Results and Visualizations

2.1 Accessibility Analysis

  • Isochrone intersection analysis identifies areas with convenient access to diverse attractions within a short walking distance, highlighting potential hotspots for hotel development.

  • Proximity analysis determines appropriate distances between NH Hotels Group locations, ensuring guest convenience and avoiding cannibalization.

2.2 Factors Influencing Hotel Suitability

  • Geographically weighted regression (GWR) analysis unveils the localized impacts and spatial correlations of factors influencing hotel suitability, including patrimony, arts, gastronomy, leisure, visitor demographics, coverage percentage, and distance from existing NH Hotels Group locations.

  • Composite scores provide a comprehensive assessment of potential hotel sites based on weighted factors.

  • Commercial Hotspots are identified using Getis Ord statistics, revealing clusters of high-ranking locations within commercial hotspots, indicating their desirability and potential for success.

2.3 Competitive Proximity Analysis

Local Outlier Factor (LOF) and K-nearest neighbors (KNN) techniques help identify areas of high competition and potential cannibalization among existing hotels. This allows NH Hotels Group to strategically position their new hotel by avoiding locations with excessive hotel density.

3. Measuring Value for the Customer’s Business

Optimizing Location Selection for Growth

NH Hotels Group can strategically expand its presence by selecting hotel sites that align with customer preferences, offer convenient access to attractions, and minimize competition.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

By curating experiences and amenities based on customer preferences and ensuring accessibility to attractions, NH Hotels Group can deliver exceptional guest experiences and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

The analysis enables NH Hotels Group to differentiate itself by avoiding areas of high competition and maintaining a balanced distribution of accommodations across the city.

Ensuring Long-term Success

NH Hotels Group can establish a strong market presence by selecting locations with long-term market potential and integrating sustainability practices.


The comprehensive geospatial analysis conducted using CARTO’s platform empowers NH Hotels Group to optimize hotel site selection, enhance customer satisfaction, gain a competitive advantage, and ensure long-term success. By leveraging geospatial analytics and CARTO’s platform, NH Hotels Group can make data-driven decisions that align with customer preferences, differentiate from competitors, and strategically expand their presence in Madrid’s highly competitive hospitality industry.