Boyaca Department limits in PostGIS QGIS

Paola Prieto Botero
Paola Prieto Botero

January 02, 2024

Boyaca Department limits in PostGIS QGIS

Project to create the Spatial Database Colombia in Postgres + PostGIS

Data was loaded using shape files from DANE with three different methods: SHP2PGSQL; OGR2OGR and QGIS.

Performed a simple analysis with GIS Functions to select the Departments that share limit with the Boyacá department, and visualized it in PostgreSQL's Geometry viewer.

Additionally, created a connection from QGIS to Postgres, in order to create the same visualization in QGIS by directly being connected to the PostGIS DB.

Plug-ins used

OpenStreetMapPosGIS Functions


Data ManagementPostGISQGISSpatial AnalysisSpatial SQL

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