Calculating Impervious Surfaces

Miranda Teats
Miranda Teats

May 19, 2023

Calculating Impervious Surfaces

Ground surfaces that are impenetrable to water can cause serious environmental problems, including flooding and contaminated runoff. Because impervious surfaces are such a danger, many governments, like the City of Louisville, Kentucky, charge landowners with high amounts of impervious surfaces on their properties. To calculate fees, I segmented and classified aerial imagery by land use to calculate the area of impervious surfaces per land parcel.

I then performed a quantitative accuracy assessment on the classification by statistically comparing it to the original image. I generated accuracy assessment points throughout the image, performed ground truths, computed a confusion matrix, and obtained a classification accuracy percentage.

Completed using the 'Calculate impervious surfaces from spectral imagery' and 'Assess the accuracy of a perviousness classification' tutorials on Learn ArcGIS by author Vinay Viswambharan. 

Tools used

ArcGIS Pro

Plug-ins used



accuracy assessmentRasterspectral imagery

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