Flood Hazard Map for Baxter River, CA.

Bamidele Daniel Ohinoyi
Bamidele Daniel Ohinoyi

January 27, 2022

Flood Hazard Map for Baxter River, CA.

This project was carried out to model a river flood scenario using the Baxter River area located in California, USA, as a study area. This analysis helped us to determine the flood hazard rating for areas adjacent to the river to identify facilities and properties which may be at risk of a flood hazard.

Using HEC-RAS, a powerful and robust software, I was able to model a flood scenario in the surrounding area. flood rating results for the area showed areas with low risk and areas which were the most vulnerable if the river overflowed its bank.

Tools used

ArcMapHECRAS Mapbox StudioOpenStreetMap

Plug-ins used

ArcMapHEC geo RAS


ArcMapFlood HazardHydrologyRisk Management

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