Focused Feeder Maintenance

Emmanuel Oyerinde
Emmanuel Oyerinde

May 05, 2022

Focused Feeder Maintenance

This project involves the digital transformation of a manual process of maintenance of electricity feeders. I recently developed a web-based solution for Focused Feeder Maintenance in Ikeja Electric. Considering the large geographic coverage of Nigeria's largest power distribution company, It is imperative to aid technical teams with smart tools that will simplify and ease their day-to-day reporting.

 In this project, Field-based technical teams can now perform an instant reporting of defective locations on the electricity network with the geotags and pictures using Field Maps by Esri. After the defects are corrected, they also make instant updates on the field using the mobile app. Then I created and linked the web-apps for the back-end managers. This enables the back-end stakeholders to have a geospatial view of the maintenance work being carried out on the electricity grid.

It is interesting to see how this deployment aids the decision-making process for maintenance of electricity feeders, grid asset management and how it helps to achieve the overall business goals.


Tools used

ArcGIS DashboardsArcGIS Hub and Experience BuilderArcMap

Plug-ins used

ArcGIS Pro



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