Street Guide Map of Okirika Main Town

Comson Iyamisigh
Comson Iyamisigh

July 04, 2023

Street Guide Map of Okirika Main Town


A location map allows you to visualize where a place or thing is located on the earth. A location map can be anything such as a single address, a building, landmark, or store, a neighborhood, city, or state, a sales territory, a country, or anything else that can be displayed visually on a map.

In this study, a location map was created to identify existing Features like School, hospital, market, bus stop, companies and existing road(and their types) etc around Okirika Main Town in Rivers state.

Data used

  1. Road network data
  2. Location data of features
  3. Base map

Tools used

ArcMapMicrosoft ExcelOpenStreetMapQGIS

Plug-ins used

ArcGIS OnlineESRI Topographic BasemapOpenStreetMap


location analysisnetwork analysis road networkssite analysis

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