Variability in Extent of Malheur Lake

Brittany Biro
Brittany Biro

March 07, 2023

Variability in Extent of Malheur Lake

A look at variability in the extent (surface area) of Malheur Lake in
Harney County, Oregon, using Landsat data.

May 1984 data is from Landsat 5 TM (Thematic Mapper). The 2018 composite image uses data from Landsat 8. Landsat 8 bands 5,6,4 are equivalent to Landsat 5 bands 4,5,3 (NIR, SWIR, and Red

Tools used

ArcMapUSGS Earth Explorer

Plug-ins used



landsLANDSAT-5/TMLandsat 8Remote Sensing

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