Wildlife Sightings

Marica di Girolamo
Marica di Girolamo

March 30, 2023

Wildlife Sightings

For this project I was provided with a database of wildlife animal sightings at 3 camera locations. 
First of all, I downloaded Lidar data to create a raster surface,  and I mapped the location of cameras (this part has not been uploaded online).

Then I was presented with the challenge of displaying a large amount of data (total sightings of different species) in only three locations (wildlife cameras). 
It was agreed to create a set of smaller maps, each one of them displaying the total number of sightings per species per season per year. I dispersed the data around each camera location, and used proportional symbols in different colors.
Subsequently, the direction of movement for 4 main species was analyzed and displayed.

Tools used

Disperse markerLidar dataset

Plug-ins used

ArcGIS Pro



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