Density map of illegal waste dump

Katalin Peter
Katalin Peter

May 09, 2023

Density map of illegal waste dump

This map was made for my dissertation project. The aim of my study was to identify illegal waste dumps around the settlements with UAVs at different flight heights and with different methods. I've created different rubbish categories (plastic, glass, paper, furniture waste, etc.) and I've used different methods to identify them. After using the image screening method (identifying the litter manually on the ortophoto maps), I've created a density map for every flight height. To test a basic machine learning method's accuracy, I've used supervised image classification, the SVM method (Support Vector Machine).

Tools used

AgisoftArcGIS ProArcMapQGIS

Plug-ins used

image classificationSupport Vector Machine (SVM)


DronelitterPhotogrammetryUAV Waste

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