Site Selection for a New Fire Station

Niroj Shrestha
Niroj Shrestha

July 10, 2023

Site Selection for a New Fire Station

This project focuses on site selection for a new fire station in Warren County, Kentucky. The objective is to improve the efficiency and delivery of fire services to the growing population in the area. The study utilizes geoprocessing and GIS applications to assess the existing fire stations' response time and determine suitable locations for new fire stations.

The study area, Warren County, has a population of 115,504 according to the US Census 2010, with increasing trends. The population density map highlights areas of high population concentration. Existing fire stations, comprising 6 professional and 14 volunteer stations, are located throughout the county. Analysis of the existing fire department response time reveals varying levels of protection for different population segments.

The methodology employed includes parameter setting, formulation of data layers, weighting and analysis, site selection, network dataset creation, service area analysis, and areal proportion estimation. Various data sources, such as land parcel zoning, major roads, existing fire stations, population distribution, and county boundaries, are utilized in the analysis. Constraints and opportunities are defined based on objectives, including minimizing environmental and community impact, proximity to major roads, and improvement of response time and fire protection coverage.

The results and discussion section presents the response time and population coverage for the under-construction fire station and two potential fire station sites. The under-construction fire station exhibits the best response time and covers a significant population. The other two potential sites offer lower coverage but are considered due to the absence of nearby professional fire stations.

In conclusion, the study provides insights into site suitability for new fire stations in Warren County. The under-construction fire station and selected potential sites show varying levels of response time and population coverage. Further analysis and consideration of additional datasets are recommended to ensure the safety and protection of the growing population in the future.

Tools used

ArcGIS Pro

Plug-ins used

Network AnalysisSpatial Analyst Toolbox


Areal ProportionFire StationSuitability Analysis

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