Hmong Village Watershed Delineation

Zach Torres
Zach Torres

October 20, 2022

Hmong Village Watershed Delineation

My wife and I recently visited a Hmong mountain village outside of Chiang Mai. After learning about the socio-agricultural calendar of hilltribes in Thailand and enjoying the waterfall that runs through the village, I thought to create this watershed delineation project.

My workflow is described below:

  1. Download DEM file from USGS Earth Explorer
  2. In ArcGIS Pro, change basemap to Hybrid Imagery and zoom to area of interest
  3. Using Hydrology tools in the Spatial Analyst toolbox, run the Fill tool.
  4. Run the Flow Direction tool with parameters set to D8
  5. Run the Flow Accumulation tool
  6. Classify the flow accumulation raster to two classes and adjust Upper Value for threshold between the two classes
  7. Create a point feature class for the Pour Point
  8. Use the Point tool to add the point feature within an accumulation pixel at the area of study
  9. Run the Watershed tool using previous outputs
  10. Run the Raster to Polygon tool
  11. Run the Polygon to Line tool

Tools used

ArcGIS ProUSGS Earth Explorer

Plug-ins used

Spatial Analyst Toolbox



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