Human Bear Interaction

Sara Fatimah
Sara Fatimah

May 04, 2022

Human Bear Interaction

Human-black bear interactions are a major concern for wildlife managers, particularly in developing areas with growing populations. Black bears (Ursus Americanus) are a species whose habitat is impacted by urban development and sprawl. There is currently a gap in research regarding how population growth and urban expansion influences the number and type of human-bear interactions. 

Increasing population density in Larimer and Boulder Counties may account for the rise in human-bear interactions, but there has been no further encroachment on bear habitat. Land cover has changed over time with expanding high and low intensity developments replacing cropland and pastures. There is a significant overlap between human-bear interaction areas and land cover changes. 

Tools used

ArcGIS ProErdas Imagine

Plug-ins used

Data VisualizationSpatial analyst


coloradodigital image processingland coverLandsatRemote Sensing

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