Satellite data for land cover mapping

Kareen Bröker
Kareen Bröker

May 09, 2023

Satellite data for land cover mapping

MODIS satellite data as a source for land cover mapping of Fennoscandia.

My Master of Science thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2003 was to explore the possibilities of developing a land cover map based on MODIS satellite data. The project was coordinated by the Norwegian research institute, NORUT IT. As a result of these explorations a land cover map over Fennoscandia and Kola Pensinsula was produced based on MODIS data. There are several MODIS data products, swath and grid data with different levels of data processing. Important parts of the processing of MODIS swath data include the correction for atmospheric effects and BRDF, georeferencing and bow-tie correction. The MODIS data product that was used for the resulting land cover map was MOD43B4, nadir BRDF-adjusted reflectance (NBAR). These data were classified using an unsupervised classification routine.

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Tools used

Adobe PhotoshopArcMapENVIGlobal mapperIDLPresagis Creator

Plug-ins used

MODIS specific tools


3Dbow-tie correctionENC dataland cover mappingNavigation marksRemote Sensingsatellite dataSimulator databaseterrain modelunsupervised classification

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