Simulator database: Nordkapp-Hammerfest

Kareen Bröker
Kareen Bröker

May 10, 2023

Simulator database: Nordkapp-Hammerfest

Visual 3D and radar database for Kongsberg Polaris and K-SIM Simulator for the area North cape - Hammerfest in Norway. The picture shows the 3D modelled port of Honningsvåg. The database was created in 2018.

These simulator databases are part of the project Den Virtuelle Sjøveien which aim is to cover the entire Norwegian coast and Svalbard with simulator databases for navigation training. The project is a cooperation between:

For more information:

An article about Den Virtuelle Sjøveien i Skipsrevyen.​

Tools used

Adobe PhotoshopArcMapGlobal mapperPresagis Creator

Plug-ins used



3DENC dataNavigation marksSimulator databaseterrain model

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