Habitat Suitability for Species

Satyam Soni
Satyam Soni

March 27, 2023

Habitat Suitability for Species

Hypothetical Project Focusing on Mapping a Suitable Habitat for Breeding a New Mammal Species.

Data related to lakes, streams, roads, fire, predators etc. for Forest Lands in Squamish was compiled and a buffer was created within the total available land for production. Wildlife Management Units capable of production were sorted and a suitability index was calculated to distinguish the best habitat for the purpose. 

Skills Used: Cartographic Modelling, Suitability/Capability Analysis, Model Builder, Remote Sensing

Tools used

ArcGIS ProArcMapModelbuilderQGIS

Plug-ins used

City of Vancouver VanMapubc library


Cartography#Habitat SuitabilityModelbuilderRemote SensingScenario AssessmentSuitability Analysis

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