Highest Capital Temperatures INMET/2023

Highest Capital Temperatures INMET/2023

Drawing upon data from the Brazilian National Institute of Meteorology (INMET) up to September 2023, I have created a map displaying the all-time highest recorded temperatures in the capital cities of each Brazilian state.

This intricate mapping endeavor involved meticulous data collection and validation processes. Temperature records from each capital were meticulously examined to identify historical peaks. The map employs a graduated color scale to depict temperature variations, with warmer hues indicating higher temperatures.

Notably, Cuiabá emerges as the capital that has registered the highest temperature in Brazilian history. This remarkable feat underscores the city's meteorological significance and the extreme heat it has experienced.

This map provides valuable insights into the historical temperature trends across Brazil, highlighting exceptional records while relying on authoritative INMET data for the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

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