Site Redesign Project

Satyam Soni
Satyam Soni

August 22, 2023

Site Redesign Project
Site Redesign Project
Site Redesign Project
Site Redesign Project

Click here to view the site location at present.

Aim: To enhance the site's ecological aspects by incorporating native species, leveraging the natural slope for rainwater collection, and improving the overall visitor experience.


  1. Conceptualization: Brainstormed and sketched initial ideas focusing on ecological enhancements and visitor engagement.

  2. Plant Selection: Chose native species like Bigleaf maple, Vine maple, and Douglas fir to enhance biodiversity and ecological balance while creating visual appeal.

  3. Design and Analysis: Leveraged the site's natural slope to position a rain garden on the southern edge, to collect rainwater for sustainability. Designed a wooded platform to allow visitors to explore and appreciate the transformed landscape from different perspectives.

  4. Paper Drafting: Transformed initial sketches into detailed paper drafts, laying the groundwork for the digital design process.

  5. AutoCAD Planning: Utilized AutoCAD to convert paper drafts into a precise site plan, incorporating every aspect of the envisioned "Enchanted Forest."

  6. SketchUp 3D Modeling: Imported the AutoCAD site plan into SketchUp Pro, creating a dynamic 3D model that showcased the design's depth and intricacies.

  7. Species Variation: Strategically placed deciduous and evergreen trees, along with flowering herbs and shrubs, to enhance visual variety, pollination, and overall aesthetics.

  8. Sustainable Elements: Demonstrated environmental consciousness by incorporating rainwater collection through the rain garden and emphasizing native species for site sustainability.

Tools used

autocad MS OfficeSketchupTopographical SurveyTree Species List

Plug-ins used



3D modellingDesignLandscape Architecturesite planningSustainability

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