South Asian Populations in Metro Houston

Zach Torres
Zach Torres

October 16, 2022

South Asian Populations in Metro Houston

At the request of a team based Houston, I created this layout export visualizing three specific populations by census tract from Data Table B02015 with dot density symbolization.

My workflow is described below:

  1. Downloaded TIGER shapefile for census tract boundaries for the USA.
  2. Cleaned data in Excel from census API table downloads so that only countries of origin represented in the UPGNA Priority Matrix remain. Did not include any Margins of Error columns.
  3. Saved Excel sheets as .csv files
  4. Joined .csv files to shapefiles through Joins based on AFFGEOID.
  5. Exported data in new layer to feature class (this saved it to the project geodatabase rather than existing as a temporary file).
  6. Configured properties and symbolized layers appropriately using dot density as the primary symbology and consistent dot values.
  7. Exported project to layout with gridlines and fit window extents to areas of study. Configured labels, legend, and marginalia for visual balance.

Click on the demo link below to take a closer look!


Tools used

ArcGIS ProCensus Bureau APIMicrosoft Excel

Plug-ins used

United States Census Bureau Developers ACS API


CartographyCensus DataDemographicsDot DensityLayout Exports

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